Most Ecom "Gurus" Mislead You (And I F*cking Hate It)

4-minute read Apr 30, 2020

Yes, I've Been Scammed

I've been scammed out of more than $20k by a so-called "mentor".

It sucks just as much as it sounds.

I've moved on...

But it's really a shame how much low-level dirtbags there are in this space.

This is a very short blog post.

I made this free product research checklist for you, you can check it out here

Don't make the same mistake as me!



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3 Reasons Why You Haven't Had Your Breakthrough In Ecommerce Yet

4-minute read Apr 28, 2020

Success in Ecommerce Can Be a LONG and FRUSTRATING Road...

It's hard to know what you're doing wrong and why you haven't had your big breakthrough product yet.

That's why I'm here.

Here are three reasons why you haven't broken through yet

1. You Think The Problem Is Always The Product

This was my biggest struggle when starting out.

If a product test didn't go well, I'd just assume it was the product without taking anything else into consideration.

The problem CAN be the product, but most of the time, it's not.

Here are some of the REAL common culprits:

  • Your Ads SUCK - The ads your running on Facebook are losing auctions because they are not engaging, they are low quality, and quite frankly look like they were made by a 6-year-old.
  • Your Product Page SUCKS - If you're getting people to click on your ad but NONE are converting, then that comes down to a problem with your design, continuity, and messaging.

2. You're Undisciplined

When you're doing product research, you settle for a...

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